Time is the most valuable thing you can spend. Imagine you were given a day for your business to do anything you wanted – what would you do? At Virtual Angels we help you grow your business by giving you back your time. We work in partnership with you, the owner, to identify what best supports your business so that you can focus on planning and doing what you do best. If you need more time to grow your business, we can help – working in your business so you can work on it.


Call us on 01183 800930 to find out more.



Do you double book yourself or forget your appointments? We can provide an experienced PA who can understand your business and priorities and make sure you know what meetings you have coming up. They can even help you keep on top of task deadlines.


Need an extra pair of hands, but don’t have the office space for a member of staff? We can support you from our own office, keeping things ticking over in the background so you can focus on your business. When the time comes that you need a bigger office or onsite staff, we can support you through that process.


Feeling overloaded by the number of emails in your inbox? Fed up with searching for documents you know are there, but can’t seem to find? We can work with you to understand your business and put systems in place to make things run smoothly.

What our clients say

“I work with a number of different organisations; Virtual Angels has the complex task of liaising with all of them and we rarely have diary clashes. They have been a huge support to me over the last few years and have made my life a lot easier.”

Andrew Vallance-Owen

“Working with the Virtual Angels team has added value from day one. They are the extra pair of hands, the eyes to pick up the details you’ve missed and the logistical brains behind the scenes – giving me peace of mind, time and space to get on with the bigger picture”

Samantha Meikle Sam Meikle Consultancy

“I can honestly say that Virtual Angels are just that – virtual angels.  Thank you, Nicola and Holly. You have far surpassed my limited expectations and I wholeheartedly recommend you to any potential client.”

Sue Knight Chief Executive, The Confederation of Healing Organisations

“Well the Angels twinkle again for JSPM Property Development. They successfully advertised and managed the recruitment of a vital member of staff for us. Thank you again Holly and Nicola. I’ll be back!”

Dave Masters Director, JSPM Property Development Limited

our clients

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