Virtual Angels

Professional Virtual Assistant Services

A warm welcome to Virtual Angels

Nicola Slade and her friendly team of experienced associates are here to relieve your admin pressures, help you work smarter and allow your business to flourish.

We know that when a company is doing well and growing, it’s incredibly exciting.

Behind the scenes, it can feel, well…a little different.

It’s tricky to keep on top of the day-to-day and before long, the pile of operational responsibilities is nearly toppling over. It can feel out of control.

You can get bogged down in the highly administrative — but essential — tasks that divert your attention away from what really matters. These activities devour a good chunk of the working day (and evening); hours that could be spent on more strategic priorities and creative endeavours.

Plus, having too much to do can lead to depleted energy levels, low motivation and, worse, burnout.

  • What if hiring a team on a full-time basis is not an option?
  • What if you don’t need someone on site all the time, but you’d quite like to know there’s someone dependable who can manage your admin tasks when you really need them?

That’s where we come in.

Think of us as the flexible, helpful resource you never knew you needed. We’ll take charge of your admin tasks, and gift you time back to focus on what matters the most — you and your business.

Behind the scenes, we’ll keep the wheels turning and ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Soon, it will start to feel easier… and it might just help you get your spark back.

Why do you need a Virtual Assistant – and why now?

Reduce operating costs

By using our flexible services, you’ll save on recruitment costs, PAYE and annual leave or sickness pay — investing in additional resource only when you really need it.

Gain flexibility

It’s tricky to balance profitability and headcount, and running a business inevitably means peaks and dips in activity. We offer you a flexible alternative without the commitment of recruiting someone full-time. This frees up budget for other business resources you might be considering, like a social media manager, which we can also provide.

Boost your productivity

Admin work can be repetitive — but we don’t mind. In fact, we love it! We take enormous pride in organising, planning, and getting things done for our clients. Let us take on the work that doesn’t bring you joy. You can then concentrate on the more pressing tasks on your ever-growing list or tackle unachieved goals or projects, increasing your productivity and sense of satisfaction.

Get your life back

Effectively outsourcing your admin frees up your time and maximises your output, but it could also benefit your personal life, too. You’ll work less hours, and reclaim precious time outside of work to spend with the people you love, doing what you love.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual Assistants work remotely and independently to provide administrative support to individuals and businesses, tackling duties that an executive assistant, administrator, personal assistant, or office manager would normally manage in-house. The list of tasks they can do is expansive; including diary management and scheduling appointments, inbox management and travel booking or responsibility for the full admin function.

Why Virtual Angels?

We’re trusted by corporations, small businesses, entrepreneurs and more

Whatever your business goals or unique challenges, we’re confident that Virtual Angels is right for you.

Agile, flexible and highly experienced, our close-knit team combines over 100 years of experience and we have heaps of skills and administrative tools up our sleeves. Reliable and flexible, we only step in when you need us, making an immediate impact, and then gently and seamlessly step away again when you don’t.

We understand that allowing someone else into your business might feel like a big step and that it takes time to build and gain trust. It can also be frightening to ‘let go’.

We’ll do all we can to ease your worries and provide you with a very safe pair of (virtual) hands. We work closely with our clients to identify the style and frequency of communication that suits them best; some clients like regular updates, others only want to know the work will be completed. Finding the balance for each client takes time, but it’s extremely rewarding when achieved and we know it’s time worth investing in.

Our highly experienced associates have worked in-house for small and large businesses across a variety of industries and sectors and we’re experienced in providing company secretarial and governance support. We’re comfortable operating at Government, Board and Director level as well as across other valuable areas of the business. This means we’re naturally trustworthy and discreet — it comes as second nature to us.

Our associates take full ownership of their continued professional development. We love attending webinars and industry events in our downtime to ensure we’re fully up to speed with the latest trends and good practice. We then apply our learning directly back into your business. We’re also part of the APVA (Association of Professional Virtual Assistants), where we offer help and support to our fellow VAs and make excellent use of the many contacts across the network.