Can a Virtual Assistant help me?

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Small business owners and entrepreneurs who have to balance work and home life can feel if they are always working at full speed, however, their ‘to get done’ list, rarely shrinks and is more likely to increase.  However, is it beneficial to get help?  Surely by the time I have explained what I need to someone, it is quicker to do it myself?  Would that person really be able to do it ‘my way’?

So, what are the benefits to hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA) and why will it make your work/life balance more productive?  Here are our thoughts on why hiring a VA will make your life easier.

Hiring a VA can help with your work/life balance, they can give you back some of the free time that seems to have disappeared from your evenings and weekends.  There is an extra pair of hands available that can action the tasks that you always have the best intentions of completing, but never quite make them happen.

The time-consuming background business activities that must be completed: issuing invoices; credit control; typing up business notes or preparing presentations; planning applications; organising events; mailshots; blogs; social media updates, an endless list depending on your business.  Send it to your VA, who will take any of the above (and more) forward.  One less thing for you to action and you have time to focus on the bigger picture.

 Holidays– remember those?!  Your VA can cover your priorities if you are going away for a long weekend or your annual summer/winter holiday.  It may be monitoring your emails and phone calls, or ensuring that the ongoing project keeps to its milestones and contacting you only if an emergency arises.

 A VA can help your business evolve.  Most VAs run their own businesses and are fully aware of what is required to do so.  Each client will have their own requirements and a bespoke package can be arranged to suit their needs.  A VA can add value, not only by completing the tasks that you find time-consuming and always appear at the bottom of your ‘to get done’ list, but may suggest changes to processes and procedures to assist the smooth running of your business.

The above will help reduce the ‘to get done’ list, allowing you time to take forward strategy and marketing for your business.  If you would like to have a chat in more detail about which tasks are taking up your valuable time, please do contact us.


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