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I read a blog this week titled ‘Location Is No Boundary For A Virtual Assistant, And I’m Proof! by Allison Christie, who is based in Shetland.  Allison, shares her thoughts on running her VA business Tick The List, and the peace and tranquility of Shetland.

It made me think more about my planned move to the South-West and my cottage by the sea!

One of the reasons Holly and I set up Virtual Angels was to have a better work life balance and be able to spend time enjoying our working time as well as our free time.  As the first three and a half years have flown by and my balance isn’t quite there yet, my move seemed to be further away than I initially thought.

After reading Allison’s blog, it reminded me that distance is no object when providing a VA service.  Although I currently have regular in-person contact with some of my clients: one to ones; and attending Board and Committee meetings.  With others, all contact is carried out by email; Skype calls; texts; or phone calls.

If you are using the services of a VA and decide to move house or office or even overseas, nothing really changes within the relationship.  There may be a time difference if overseas, however that can also work to your advantage: sending work to be completed at the end of your day and it appears in your inbox the next morning, courtesy of your VA!

While I am still enjoying London life and am not quite ready to move yet! Allison’s blog (thank you Allison), made me realise that my dream move is nearer than I think and will be relatively easy to manage with some of my current clients and some new ones when the time is right.

If you are planning changes in your work or home life and think that working with a VA would only be for a short time because of them, perhaps think again, a VA could be with you wherever you may end up!


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