First week back………..

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It’s already January 6, we are three days into the first proper working week of the New Year – how did that happen?

How are you feeling?  After the social mayhem of December, Christmas, the short break (if you managed to have one), followed by New Year, can it really be time to be back at work?  The list of tasks that you promised yourself that you would have time for is still there and on Monday morning it only felt as if you had only had the usual two day weekend.

On the plus side, you had a great time with your family and friends, fab gifts given and received and managed some proper down time.  Remember that great walk on Boxing Day or the smiles you saw when you said ‘count me in’ instead of ‘sorry I have work to do’.  It really was worth it!

If this week has been manic and you are already thinking, what happened to me doing things differently in 2016, don’t panic.  Take a breath, use this week as your catch up time and begin your new work year on Monday 11 January instead.  Try not to let the chaos of this week overwhelm you, take it in your stride and give yourself a bit more breathing space.  Lots of people will be in the same place, your new strategy is to not let it continue into next week.


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