Mistaken Identity – Assistant or Business Support Partner?

Executive Support

Virtual Assistants (VA) have many roles.  One of the most important for you to remember, is that most VAs are business owners in their own right and are very familiar with the successes and pitfalls that you may meet along the way.

While you may initially be looking for business support to help your business grow, you may find that in working with a VA, you will build a strong relationship together. Eventually becoming a solid partnership, promoting both your businesses as you develop.

The title VA, covers many roles within its gamut and different clients often have bespoke requirements.  On occasion, it can be difficult to describe quickly what a VA can do for another business, without planning a proper chat over a cup of tea!

While for one client you may well provide background administration support; for others, you could be running a social media campaign; sourcing a new office and equipment; or working together planning for the next six months, offering advice and support to achieve the goals to grow their business to the next level.

Working together with your clients, as part of their team virtually, is as important as being a member of a team in the usual office environment.

Have you thought about the benefits of working together with a VA in 2017, to help you to achieve the growth and goals you are aiming for?  At Virtual Angels we give the gift of time back to business owners to enable them to work ‘on’ rather than ‘in’ their business.


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