Networking, Blogging, Social Media – what’s the point?

Social Media

Why bother with networking, blogging and social media for business?

If you run a business there are so many things to do, all the time, and there is so much information out there about how often you should be networking, blogging and updating social media. We have written before about our networking experiences, our Virtual Angels social media is active and updated often and we regularly blog for our business. All of this takes time and when you’re on your own the sheer volume of work can seem overwhelming.

For us, any time spent on our business is time away from clients, which has several knock-on effects. When you’re busy, it can be hard to justify updating social media, spending a morning at a networking meeting or writing a blog. I thought it might be helpful to outline how these activities have helped our business.

We recently signed up a new client, which is always very exciting.  If you’ve ever done any sales training or spent some time with a sales expert, you will have heard that it takes a certain number of ‘touches’ before a prospective client becomes a client. The figures quoted are normally around 6 to 8 – here’s how that worked for us with our recent new client and the part played by networking, social media, and blogging.

networking, blogging, social media infographic client journey


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