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We’re now one work week in to the New Year… are you steaming ahead with your New Year resolutions for your business? We thought we’d give you a little helping hand by sharing some of our favourite online tools.


If you love post-it notes, you’ll love Trello.  You can use it whether you work on your own, or with associates and team members.  You can even use it for personal and business tasks, as it is easy to set everything out separately.


Essentially you create a ‘board’ which can either be placed in your user area or within a team.  This is handy if you work with different clients or businesses as you can add different members to different teams.  On each board you create lists, for example: ‘to do’, ‘in progress’ and ‘for sign off’.  You can also make boards private, if you only want to share them with one or two members of the team.

Next, you create ‘cards’ which are essentially your tasks or actions. From here, you can tailor each card, so actions and deadlines don’t get lost by adding team members, due dates, checklists and much more. You can also comment on cards, tagging team members on your progress (or yourself if it’s just you! 😉 ).

Trello is a free online tool, but there is a paid version you can upgrade to which has additional features.


This is a really handy tool for when you are working on your branding, whether its for a flyer, document template, website or social media. You can enter a colour using hexadecimal, RGB or CMYK and it will show you colour information, colour conversions, colour schemes, shades, tints and tones. It even has a colour blindness simulator, so you can access whether your colour combinations are accessible to colour-blind users.



This is a great free online editor for those of you who don’t want or need to purchase photo editing software. It also has pre-set canvas sizes so you can produce banners and posts for social media.  As with many of the free online tools, there are paid upgrade options for access to additional tools and features.


Similar to PicMonkey this is another free online editor, with options to upgrade for additional tools and features. Canva also has a stock of photos and clipart style images which you can use to build posts and customised images.  Additionally, they have a good range of seasonal templates which you can customise with your own brand colours.

Stock Photos

It can be really difficult to find relevant stock images for your website and social media, but even more difficult to find free images which don’t have copyright restrictions.  However, there are some fabulous websites out there which provide images without copyright restrictions. You can read full license details on their websites. Our favourites are Unsplash and Stocksnap.



There are lots of different online tools out there. Which are your favourites?


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