Onsite or Offsite Business Support?

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Are you beginning to think that you can’t manage your workload, juggling too many things at once, it seems as if there is never enough time to plan ahead, contact possible new clients, think about planning and income for the next six to nine months? It may be the right time to consider business support.

Do you need ad hoc support to help with the peaks and troughs of your business flow? Or is it time to employ a part-time or full-time member of staff to have your back? Unsure which way to go, some things to think about before making your decision.

Traditionally, administration or business support roles have been undertaken in an office environment. Roles include: Reception, Personal Assistant, Secretary, Executive Assistant, Office Manager, Facilities Manager, Accounts Assistant, I could go on. Majority of these type of roles work from 8am to 6pm, often longer, and are likely to be in the office whether their teams are or not. When running your own business you undertake most of the above roles in one form or another, providing your own business support, fitting it in around your core business.

If you are a sole business owner and your business is growing and you are finding it difficult to complete everything yourself, it could be time to think about support.

What shape should the support come in though? If you are running your business from a home based office, do you have room for another person? If you do have an off-site office and the space, do you need someone full-time or part-time? Or if your office is empty most of the time as you are are out with clients, have you considered virtual support?

Beginning to share your business details with another person can appear quite daunting, after all, you have put time, energy, sweat, tears and laughter into building and shaping it. Often you have started your own business not to be accountable to an employer and you may need to become one yourself.

Having a conversation with another business owner can help you formulate a way forward, especially if they have been through the process and now have regular support. Ask them to share their experience, the good and the bad! You may be considering part-time help a few mornings a week, remember that you will need to input time into providing clear instructions and guidelines on how you operate as well as setting time aside for the recruitment process.

However, if you are not going to need on site assistance, but do need support before you implode with managing everything yourself, virtual support could be the answer. Remember that majority of virtual assistants are business owners themselves and understand the many hats you need to wear everyday.

We have provided virtual assistance support for some of our clients and then gone on to manage the recruitment at the point a full-time role is required. As we have knowledge of how the business runs and the people in it, we have added value to the process. We have then continued to work with the client, when needed, for regular projects and to cover holidays, saving the need to employ temporary staff.

If you are considering support in any shape or size, do give us a call for a no obligation conversation.


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