Relocation, Relocation, Relocation!

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Over the past few months, I have been helping a client move offices, relocation, relocation, relocation! Moving from the Isle of Wight to the mainland (a real change of scenery). I have visited both the Isle of Wight and the chosen area in the UK during the past few months, so some on-site work rather than virtual for a change!

However, initially, the sourcing of the new office was started by searching the internet for possible options and making lots of telephone calls.

The brief was for a six-person office, located in a specific geographic area near a partner company, though not in the same building. Either a serviced office or a rented office would be considered.

After some initial enquiries, it was decided that a serviced office was the better option, rather than a complete office fit-out. Negotiating over size, space and rent, we found an ideal location on an enterprise park for an initial three-month contract. I am pleased to say that are still there six months later and looking to rent an additional office as they expand their business and staff.

The prospect of moving office may seem daunting; however, it is a process like any other process and can be broken down into a series of tasks.

Finding a good location:

  • Why are you relocating, think about the reasons why you are planning to move: office too small, better transport links, business growth

What are the requirements for your new office:

  • Up-sizing, down-sizing, need internal meeting rooms, air conditioning

Hiring an agent:

  • Do you have the time to look, should you hire an agent or consultant to help you find your perfect space?

Engaging staff in the project:

  • Speak to your staff and senior team, once possible new office options have been identified, to engage everyone in the process

Budgeting should include:

  • Legal requirements, engaging a solicitor to handle the lease
  • New rental fees, rates, utilities
  • Cost of hiring a professional moving firm, boxes and storage options
  • Renovations may be required to the new office/old office
  • Staff downtime during the move out/move in

Do remember this list is not exhaustive, though includes key items to consider in your office move planning. In my next blog, I will talk about making a relocation plan and organising the relocation itself.


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