Welcome to 2017! Planning going well?

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9 January 2017 already – I can’t quite believe it myself?!

I had loads of plans for the Christmas/New Year holiday, although I wasn’t scheduled to have a complete break myself, apart from the usual bank holidays.  It was going to be my time to catch up on some tasks that appear to have been on my own to-do list for much longer than I would like and plan for 2017.

However, a family member admitted to hospital and the best laid plans are put to one side as family come first.  Thankfully, after an operation and great care by the NHS, my family member is home recovering and we are slowly getting back to normal.

Though I now seem to have an even longer list of things that I would like to do.  There seem to be three categories at present: “Must Do”; “Should Do”; “Will Do”!

Must Do for me, are things that have been outstanding for some time, not necessarily important though items I would like to have completed for my own sanity!

Should Do for me, are daily or weekly tasks that will be completed regularly and will always be there.  Identified in Outlook and my reminders keep these in hand.

Will Do I have categorised for goals during 2017 to assist Holly and I to continue to develop Virtual Angels.

This week I have concentrated on identifying tasks to fit into each category, plus gone back to booking out time blocks in my calendar to help.  I am usually well-disciplined with regular tasks, however, I thought that January 2017 was a great time to start again and remind myself of how much a control freak I choose to be at times!  It definitely concentrates my mind and I love to tick completed items off at the end of each day.

If this week has been manic and you are already thinking, what happened to me doing things differently in 2017, don’t panic.  You are bound to have completed some tasks during the last week and begun to get back into the swing of regular working hours.

Make this full working week count and take a little time each day to identify and complete some Must, Should or Can Do tasks.  Let me know how much you enjoy ticking them off at the end of the day.



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