Why Should a Business Blog?

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This week we have a guest blogger, Nicky Kentisbeer, who is a Lifestyle Blogger, you can find out more about Nicky on notjustthe3ofus.

Have you ever considered using a blog to promote your business?

Blogging is a way to share your expertise and unique voice to engage with your clients in an informal, conversational style.

There is no better person to talk about your business than you.

You are, after all,  the expert in your field.

It is very easy to assume that others may know more about your business than they do.  As the business owner you need to make it as easy as possible for people to buy from you and to understand how you can help them.    A blog is the perfect medium through which to do this.  Let your customer know why they need your product or service.

People have moved to making their buying decisions in a more personal way.  They want to know more about who they are buying from as well as knowing that they are going to receive a good service and value for money.

Blogging offers a unique opportunity for your customers to get to know you better.  It is a way of talking about your business without making clients feel like they are being ‘sold to’.  ‘Know me, like me, trust me’ have a big bearing on how clients make their purchasing decisions.

Simple questions can be answered in a blog.  You can provide the solutions that your client is looking for.  Or better still – catch their interest before they have realised they need your services.  The comment section of your blog is also a great way to get chatting to potential customers and answers their queries.  Once your blog is established, it is also a place for people to comment on your good service – get your customers chatting even.  There is of course no finer recommendation than a happy client that is willing to share their experience.

We all favour making our purchases from someone with whom we can easily engage, that understands our needs and is able to offer sound advice.  Think of blogging as a way of building a relationship with your customer.

If your business relates to a product or service that you consider to be a little ‘dry’ or ‘technical’, and you are wondering how you can make it more interesting, think about it from the client perspective.  What information can you give them that helps their understanding.  Think about what their needs may be – invite them in to your world and teach them!  Try to pre-empt and break down any barriers that may be present.  There is always something to say.  Where words fail, use pictures – people respond more and more to images now – use them to your advantage.

Be a problem solver!

You can showcase your successes and help customers to understand the processes of what you do.

You may also find that other businesses become readers of your blog and it may present ideas and opportunities for collaborations.

There is no better time to start blogging and sharing your unique voice and brand.

Clients will get used to seeing your posts and expect them.  Once you get started don’t forget that your blog must be updated regularly in the same way as your website and social media accounts.  If you aren’t consistent it can be akin to not answering the phone or emails.  Always keep them coming.

Most importantly, enjoy it.

Your blog is the ideal place to share your passion for your business.

What are your thoughts on blogging now?  Maybe a chat with Nicky would help, do reach out if you would like some great advice via notjustthe3ofus.



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