Your Christmas Present

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Have you thought about what you could gift yourself this Christmas?

As you are rushing around trying to complete 101 things at the same time, wishing for that extra pair of hands? Surely you don’t need to do everything, do you?

How about a gift for yourself for 2016?  A plan for the New Year where you identify the tasks that are always at the bottom of your list or pile, perhaps even hidden away in a drawer.  Estimate how much time you spend prevaricating by putting them off, often finding something else that you find more interesting to do, yes, it’s mounting up isn’t it?  What is your total, five hours a week, ten hours a month, perhaps even more.

Think about outsourcing those tasks to a Virtual Assistant.  We can take many tasks off your hands, for example

  • issuing invoices at the end of the month
  • credit control, following up when the invoices are overdue
  • posting a blog
  • managing social media
  • updating your contact list

These are only a small selection of what could be at the bottom of your list.  We all have things we put off, wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to think about them any more, your very own Christmas present!

Do reach out to us if this sounds familiar, we can help.


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